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SALT Marketing is an outsourced sales service and contract lead generation company. We don't take it lightly.

SALT applies best practice sales processes, while mapping our path in a proprietary system. This creates measurable and repeatable results, and a visible pipeline of sales activity inside our human powered CRM.

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About Us

We provide the data, you close the deals

SALT brings specialization of tasks to the area of sales. We focus on the beginning stages of the sales process to free up our customers to close more often.

We are experts at getting in the door with target accounts. We apply a schedule of interaction with decision makers - learning about the organization, buying systems, and qualifying the account as we interact.

SALT works as our client, acting as an employee of your organization, ensuring a seamless transition from us to you.

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Who we are

Social Engineers For Any Business

We find a way in, qualify the account, set the appointment, and facilitate the hand-off.

Social Engineers for any business

We are a team of experienced sales and marketing professionals. Experts in generating leads with qualified accounts.

We wear many hats: we "become the client" as we sell, using your business name, email extension and a dedicated callback number.

We are persistent and ambitious. Polite. We never give up.


Provide the tools

  • SALT works inside a proprietary CRM system, built using best practice processes and web 2.0 technology.

  • Advanced and customized reporting gives our clients access and visibility to their sales pipeline.

    Account Reps review our progress with you on a bi-weekly basis.

Power the System

Conduct the market research and fill the system with accounts that meet the criteria for your company.

Find the decision makers, their contact information, and qualify the account through conversation.

Create need, identify pain points, sell your solution, and set an appointment when appropriate.

People buy From People

Relationships are critical. Technology is awesome, but the human factor should not be completely removed from the sales process.

People buy when they trust

By asking the right questions and offering information of value to the decision maker, SALT builds trusting relationships over a period of time.

Eliminate the timing factor

We employ a schedule of consistent interaction to remain top of mind with each buyer.


We don't take lead gen lightly

It's hard work, it's not easy. Cold calls suck. . . . Despite this, lead generation is completely necessary. Fill a pipeline until it throws up on you. That's how you grow a business.

SALT: an ingredient that adds flavor, piquancy, and zest.

You are the SALT of the earth. Stay salty people.

SALT has a variety of uses and is a critical component to your health. Without SALT, the cells in your body lack the ability to carry water - eventually, you dehydrate and die.

SALT adds spice and flavor to your business. We are the critical component, carrying the message about what you do to the rest of the world.

- SALT -

Core Services

Everything you need for sales success

SALT offers a wide range of services to support the strategy, marketing, research and business development goals of our clients

  • Business-to-Business Sales

    SALT helps businesses to build value within target accounts, bringing the sale to the point of close.

  • Appointment Setting

    SALT specializes on the front end of the sales process, setting the appointment with the decision maker.

  • Lead Generation

    SALT conducts market research, then qualifies the account, and learns the buying process

  • Customer Advocacy

    SALT can implement a program to build a brand within your existing customer list, finding advocates along the way

  • Content Engineering

    SALT manufactures creative programs with our content strategists to develop, and implement the voice of your business

  • Web development

    SALT is a full-service online marketing team with web design, hosting, SEO and adwords programs

We power our work using a cloud based sales platform where you have access to powerful information about the businesses you want to sell to

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Always powered by people

Web 2.0 CRM, powered with the information we find, giving you visibility to your sales pipeline

Human Powered CRM

The lead generation work we do is powered by an advanced, proprietary, web 2.0 CRM. We log and track all our data under one platform giving us consistency across our client base. Our system shares data across clients - allowing us to map buying systems, and build on knowledge we have previously gained.

SALT CRM is included in every lead gen package we provide. You gain a best practice sales process, with talented people powering the system.

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SALT Pricing

SALT charges our clients on a month-to-month basis. There is no commitment or contract – you can cancel services at any time. When you work with SALT, you buy a proven process and fully managed lead generation program for your business.

SALT Qualifies Accounts, Identifies Contacts and Nurtures Until an Appointment is Set.

Outbound Responsive
Designed for small businesses with up to $5M in annual revenue where your average target is worth $25,000+ annually.

  • Up to 3 CRM Seats
  • Sales Process Consulting
  • LinkedIn Prospecting
  • 1-1 Email Outbound
  • Website Capture
  • Managed Website Chat
  • Inbound Call Capture
  • Skilled Pipeline Management
  • Weekly Progress Reporting
  • Monthly Formal Reviews
SALT Basic
This package is for businesses with up to $15M in annual revenue that can benefit from additional outbound prospecting.

  • Account Executive
  • Up to 10 CRM Seats
  • Sales Process Consulting
  • Outbound Calling
  • 2X LinkedIn Prospecting
  • 1-1 Email Outbound
  • Website Capture
  • Managed Website Chat
  • Inbound Call Capture
  • Skilled Pipeline Management
  • Weekly Progress Reporting
  • Bi-weekly Formal Reviews
SALT Standard
Designed for businesses with $15M - $50M in annual revenue who require outbound prospecting from a skilled sales team.

  • 2X Account Executive
  • Up to 25 CRM Seats
  • Sales Process Consulting
  • 2X Outbound Calling
  • 3X LinkedIn Prospecting
  • 1-1 Email Outbound
  • Website Capture
  • Managed Website Chat
  • Inbound Call Capture
  • Skilled Pipeline Management
  • Weekly Progress Reporting
  • Bi-weekly Formal Reviews
SALT High Value Target
For businesses with more than $50M in annual revenue with large complex targets and longer sales cycles.

  • 3X Account Executive
  • Up to 25 CRM Seats
  • Sales Process Consulting
  • 3X Outbound Calling
  • 3X LinkedIn Prospecting
  • 1-1 Email Outbound
  • Website Capture
  • Managed Website Chat
  • Inbound Call Capture
  • Skilled Pipeline Management
  • Weekly Progress Reporting
  • Bi-weekly Formal Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions and answers. If you have more, give us a call or schedule a time to speak with an Account Executive on our team
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Do you specialize in representing certain types of clients?

No, we work with manufacturers, software companies, business consultants, logistics firms, architects, construction companies, distributors, and many other types of customers. We specialize in selling business-to-business.

Do you prefer to call on a particular industry?

Again no, our diverse base of clients keeps us calling just about every type of business.

What type of business model works best with SALT ?

Generally, our clients fall into one of three categories:

  • 1.) Project based businesses with large closes ($25,000+ per deal)
  • 2.) Businesses where customers tend to reorder
  • 3.) Subscription based businesses - a new customer results in recurring revenue
Does SALT take a commission on the sales generated?

Never. We sell time, talent, and process. When you work with SALT, you buy a portion of our time to prospect for your business. We never take commissions.

If you don't take commission, how do you stay motivated?

Our pricing model keeps us honest. We don't require long term contracts - our customers can cancel any time. Like you, we're motivated to find life long customers. We keep our customers by consistently exceeding expectations.

How does SALT measure success?

Success for us is different for each customer. It depends on your answer to this question; "If you engage us today, what must be true one year from now in order for you to call the relationship successful?"

Is SALT a cold call firm?

We're lead generation professionals. We sell complex products and services to owners, VPs, and decision makers. We like to think of ourselves as a lawyer, CPA or engineer might think of their service. The fact is, we do use a telephone - but we rarely get hung up on.

What types of metrics can I expect from SALT?

We typically produce 1-2 introductions (or RFQs) per month. Most clients see 4X our fee in new business within the first year.

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