SALT Marketing was founded on principles of Supply Chain Management. SALT applies a sales process on each target, while mapping our path in a proprietary system. This creates measurable and repeatable results, along with a visible pipeline of sales activity inside our client portal.

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Transparent data provided for every step

List Building

SALT generates a custom list for each client using our internal database as well as data from other partners. Within the portal, each prospect is assigned a List Source so we can track where the data originated.

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SALT-List Building

Contact Verification

After scoring is complete, SALT hunts for key contacts within the organization who have decision making authority. We track when we find the decision makers and their contact information including phone numbers, email addresses, and linkedin Accounts

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SALT-Contact Verification
SALT-Relationship Building

Relationship Building

Most qualified accounts will have an incumbent supplier or no active needs. SALT will build relationships with key contacts, using your brand name in order to maintain top-of-mind awareness.

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Opportunity Identification

Once we find Pain, Interest or Need (PIN) we transition the relationship to the client. Opportunities are tracked until new business is won.

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SALT-Opportunity Identification