A Sophisticated Outsourced Prospecting Team

SALT has implemented business growth programs for over 500 businesses around the world. We work with small companies with 2 employees to large publicly traded businesses with over $4 billion in revenue. We contact over 200,000 businesses each year and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in quoting opportunities.

Our goal is to bring you new business and quickly offset our costs providing an ROI against our fee and a sustainable, repeatable, measurable pipeline for new growth.


Every call, email, card, and touchpoint we make on your behalf is logged in our SALT CRM.

Calls are recorded where it is legally allowed.


Each client is assigned a dedicated business development team and Account Executive that learn how to sell for your business.

Target List

We help clients establish and narrow a top 100+ prospect list. This data can be marketed to effectively choose your ideal future customers.


SALT provides informal weekly updates and reports. In addition, clients review all activity and opportunities with an Account Executive once per month.

CRM Access

Clients are granted seats in the SALT CRM for transparency and data management. One of the benefits of working with SALT is we clean prospect data for you.


SALT manages client data, but you own it.

All records are available to you through our CRM or upon request.

Onboarding Topics

SALT will undergo a thorough client discovery process during onboarding. We cover a variety of topics to ensure we look
and sound like a seamless extension of your team.

  • Background of your Business
  • Capabilities and Limitations
  • Marketing Material
  • Describe your Competition
  • Why should targets buy from you?
  • After one year, how would you define success with SALT?
  • What is your competitive advantage?
  • How should SALT handoff opportunities?

Onboarding Timeline


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List Sources

SALT subscribes to the best databases in the world to generate raw lists for our clients. The tools we subscribe to collectively provide SALT with access to over 60 Million business records.


List Filtering

Lists are narrowed based on each client’s unique need by target geography, size of company, industry, and other factors learned in client discovery.

Internal Database

SALT utilizes an in-house database with data of over:

  • 3,000,000 Company Records
  • 9,000,000 Contact Records
  • 200,000 New Prospects Per Year
  • 3,000 Verified Records Per Day
Internal Database

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Verification of Critical Decision Maker Data

SALT will make initial calls and gain permission from each person to maintain a relationship. We identify all possible decision making contacts including Owners, C-level, purchasing, and engineering.

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Schedule of Interaction

We believe in polite persistence and appropriate aggression. Prospect accounts are nurtured with a cadence relative to the Qualification Score assigned by the SALT Team. Our goal is to build TRUST with key decision maker contacts. Our interactions over a time period will create awareness and a trust based relationship with your brand.

AActively nurture every 6 weeks at a minimum

BNurture at least 1x per quarter

CContact 1-2x per year with passive email drip



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Qualified First Time Appointment (QFTA)

As qualified opportunities are transitioned from our team to yours, SALT asks for updates from the client to track status, stage, and owner.

Opportunity Identification

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